About us

PETS AE is a non-government association of a group of young people with expertise in animal nutrition. We are an animal-loving association who has been committed to the well-being of pets and pet owners for over 20 years. We love pets they are our passion and the reason that make us every day go to work and help pets anywhere. We want to support the improvement of relations between people and pet animals, reinforcing the bond existing between them, and, in turn, improve the physical and emotional health of pets. Our association is proof of our commitment and philosophy it is a non-profit organization, which is the only corporate association in the sector in the United Arab Emirates dedicated to promoting this bond between people and their pets. Our goals are helping pets who need help (street pets) and provide people with info and advice to deal with them pets please if you want to support or to donate don’t hesitate to contact us :

[email protected]

Thank you .