Cockatiel birds requirements

Are you now thinking of getting a Cockatiel? No problem! After learning what Cockatiels are, where they come from, how they live and its different types, it’s time to give you practical tips on what you need to know before buying one.

​In this chapter, you will get a whole lot of information on its pros and cons, its average monthly costs as well as the things you need so that you will be well on your way to becoming a legitimate Cockatiel pet owner -should you decide to be one! It’s up to you! Read on!

Pros and Cons of Cockatiels ​

The information listed below is the advantages and disadvantages of owning Cockatiels:


  • Personality: They are humorous, affectionate and active, interactive
  • Appearance: Vibrant and vividly colorful with about a 24 color mutations available 
  • Abilities: Can sing and be taught to speak
  • Cost: They very inexpensive and low maintenance
  • Impact on Humans: They are very funny, outgoing and loves to cuddle and interact with people; great long-time companions


  • Noise: They are sometimes too loud for people  
  • Damage to Your Home: They love to chew up and destroy your wooden furniture if left out of the cage
  • Behavior:  Sometimes quite naughty
  • Abilities: They are not that good in performing bird tricks 

Cockatiels Behavior with Other Pets

There is actually no general rule when introducing your pet parrot with other types or species of birds, sometimes they’ll get along, sometimes they won’t.

Fortunately, Cockatiels in general are very welcoming to other species regardless of its kind! They are very friendly parrots, and you as the owner don’t have to worry if ever you would introduce them to other birds or pets, they love to hang out with everyone including people!

Even if your Cockatiel gets along with a larger or smaller bird, accidental injuries can occur during play or when they are just simply spending time inside the cage.

They are indeed, small but sometimes terrible birds so keep a tight watch over them especially if you just introduced them or if they interact with other species.

It is also best to socialize your Cockatiel while they are still young, because they are still vulnerable and can be very accepting of other members once they get used to it.

As a general rule, you can introduce other types of birds but do so with caution so that they could easily warm up with their new feathered friends.

Unlike other birds that are highly individual, Cockatiels love to be in flocks when they’re in the wild or even in captivity. It’ll be easy to train them to like other parrots, though sometimes they can be a bit witty.

Experts also suggest that the best behaved Cockatiels are those who were exposed to lots of change in the environment and the ones who were trained to socialize with people, because they become more adjusted.

Ease and Cost of Care

Owning a Cockatiel parrot is very inexpensive and keeping one is also very low maintenance, since they are small birds. However, the supplies needed in keeping one will definitely add up to your daily life expenses, if you want to keep a Cockatiel as a pet you should be able to cover the necessary costs it entails.

In this section you will receive an overview of the expenses associated with purchasing and keeping a Cockatiel as a pet.

Initial Costs

The initial expenses associated with keeping Cockatiel as pets include the cost of the bird itself as well as the cage, cage accessories, toys, and grooming supplies.

You will find an overview of these costs below as well as the estimated total expense for keeping a Cockatiel:

Purchase Price: starts at $80 – $100

As established earlier Cockatiels are miniature to medium-size birds, very common and not hard to find, that’s why these birds are the one of the cheapest parakeets in the parrot world! However, it also depends on the color of the bird; some Cockatiel with rare color mutations or is a show quality of breed could be more expensive than others.

The general rules in these birds are, the more colorful, rarer and clever it is, the more expensive it can be. So better check your budget to see which Cockatiel is best for you.

Cage: starts at $56 – $300

The bigger, the better! Even if your Cockatiels are relatively an average size bird, it’s a general rule for birds that they live in cages where they could have the luxury of space, after all that is where they’re going to spend most of their time right? So pick the right cage for your Cockatiels, so that they’ll enjoy life like you!

Accessories : estimated $100 in total

If you bought a cage, you’ll definitely need cage accessories like perches, lights, feeding dishes, stands, cage covers and harnesses for your Cockatiels. Accessories can be quite expensive depending on the brand as well as the quality and size of your purchase. Cockatiels are like other birds have a naughty side too, they’ll chew everything! Watch out!

Toys:  more or less $50 in total

Cockatiels love to play and chew lots of toys! They will easily destroy any toy that came there way, which usually means that you may need to keep buying more often. Like other parrots, they need plenty of stimulation to keep their intelligent and curious minds entertained. The price of the toys depends on the brand you choose to buy.

Keep birdie boredom at bay with chewable toys for your Cockatiel.

Grooming Supplies: more or less $50 in total

As part of pet hygiene, your feathered friend needs to be cleaned and properly groomed. There are lots of grooming supplies that you can buy online or in your local pet store. Again, the brand and quality of the product affect the price range to keep your Cockatiels clean and healthy.

Initial Cost for Cockatiels  
Cost Type Approximate Cost
Purchase Price $80 – $100 (£61.34 – £76.67)
Cage $56 – $300 (£42.94 – £ 230.01)
Accessories $100 (£76.67)
Toys $50 (£38.34)
Grooming Supplies $50 (£38.34)
Total $336 – $600(£257.61 – £460.02)

*Please note that these amounts are computed at the starting price and converted at the current exchange rate, which is $1 = £0.77.  Costs may vary.

Monthly Costs

The monthly costs associated with keeping a Cockatiel can be quite expensive even if they are generally low maintenance. Some of the things that needs to be bought on a monthly basis like food supplements, cleaning materials and even veterinary care every now and then will definitely add up to your expenses. Below are the estimate monthly costs it entails.

Bird Food (seeds, pellets, treats, fruits, vegetables, etc.): approximately $70 per month

Your Cockatiels needs a varied and healthy diet. There’s a massive selection of high quality seed diets, complete food and pelleted foods to choose from both online and in your local pet stores, not to mention some treats you might want to buy especially when they’re doing tricks! The cost will depend on the brand as well as the nutritional value of the food. Feeding a variety of these foods, alongside fruits and vegetables is the key to a healthy parrot.

Cleaning Supplies: at least $10 per month

You don’t need brand new cleaning supplies every month, but of course, you will run out of bird shampoo and soap eventually. Just include it in your budget.

Veterinary Care: starts at $150 – $1,000 or more

Cockatiels rarely get sick compared to other types of parrots, but it’s important to keep them healthy by taking them to an avian vet for medical check-up every now and then.  Avian vets are trained specifically to work with exotic birds whereas a general practicing vet may not be familiar with their needs and treatments especially if they are sick, not to mention the medicines needed.

If in case, this happens it’s better and wiser to set aside a portion of your budget for any medical needs that will come up.

Additional Costs: at least $20 per month

In addition to all of these monthly costs you should plan for occasional extra costs like repairs to your Cockatiels cage, replacement toys, food supplements, medicines etc. You won’t have to cover these costs every month but you should include it in your budget to be safe.

Here is the overview of your total monthly expenses for the needs of your pet Cockatiels.

Monthly Costs for Cockatiels  
Cost Type Approximate Cost
Bird Food $70 (£53.67)
Cleaning Supplies $10 (£7.67)
Veterinary Care (optional) $150 – $1000 (£115.01 – £766.70)
Additional Costs $20 (£15.33)
Total $250 – $1100 (£191.68 – 843.37)

*Please note that these amounts are computed at the starting price and converted at the current exchange rate which is $1 = £0.77. Costs may vary.

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