The Basics Of Cat Food

Cats, just like most of the mammals, are carnivores. It is one of the most significant things that we should put in mind when we have a pet cat. You should know how to properly feed them. Unlike humans and dogs, cats are different. They are not easily persuaded especially in nutrition and owners should always remember that. 

They need to be fed with quite a few meats so that they could gain a lot of fat and protein. Cats are different from humans and most especially different from dogs which can be fed with different kinds of food and still be healthy. 

Before you choose the type of cat food you will be feeding your cat, consider asking your vet for their recommendation and have your cat taste it to test it. If your pet cat enjoyed it and does not cause it to have a diarrhea, then you have made the just the right choice. But if it does not like the food, you should be prepared for other options in which it should choose. They are sensitive to the point that they will allow themselves to starve rather than to eat something they do not like. 

To learn more on how and what to properly feed your cat, here are some of the basics:


Too much feeding of dry food for your cat can cause it to have less nutrition that those that are eating wet food. A lot of dry food comprises of fillers. Cats that are being fed with dry food commonly do not get the amount of water they need. And by this they can have a higher chance of being dehydrated. If your cat eats dry food and you prefer to feed them so, you should let I drink a cup full of water for each 10lbs. of its body weight every day (by everyday means within a 24-hour long period). It will need more during warmer weather. When you feed your cat dry food, you should provide a pure and attractive source of water that is fresh just like a water fountain for pets.

Cats that are fed only by dry foods are most likely or are commonly prone of being obese or having obesity and have diabetes unlike cats which are fed by wet food. To avoid these diseases you should rely on a dry food that is premium or switch to another diet like canned food. 


 Just because dry food has a lot of disadvantages do not mean that wet food is considered better than it. It is not always the case that choosing wet food can make your cat healthier.  Dry food that has a premium quality is always better than a wet food that is cheaply produced. It is necessary to always verify if the one of its number one ingredients contains protein and do not contain a by-product of meat. A lot of people with cats say that this kind of food diet causes much of dental issues such as gingivitis but it is not really an issue if you have regular cleanings and dental checkups.


You should properly observe and know the benefits behind the diet you are going to have for your cat. Always consider to have a tastes test done by your cat before choosing that kind of diet whether it is dry or wet. 

Natural Food

You may not consider giving you cat commercial food to eat and prefer to feed it with natural food. If you do then this section is for you.

If you are going to have your cat fed naturally, you should know that you will be giving it a natural food eaten by the cats in the wild which is raw. These kinds food, have a lot of natural moisture so you do not have to worry if your cat do not drink a lot of water before. Commercial food, unlike the natural ones just do not supply enough taurine that is essential to for their eyesight and heart. 


Treats is good for your cat because it can be good for the both of you: one is because it can add nutrition to your cat and one is it can strengthen your bond with it. cats may find it very comforting when you give them treats. 

It is okay to give them treats but always remember that too much is not good. Unfortunately, a lot of cat treats comprises of ingredients that are not really healthy for your cat. As a said on the earlier parts of this chapter, you need to consider looking on the ingredients before buying it. But moreover, treats can be helpful in a lot of little ways. Here are some of the common types: 

Dental Treats

This kind of treat can help your cat reduce the amount of plaque and good for cleaning its teeth. But this treat shouldn’t be a replacement for your dental cleaning routine that is done daily.

Health Treats

This kind of treats can help your cats have healthy joints and are essential to cats that are already old and suffer from diseases that are related to joints such as arthritis and stiffness. 

Homemade Treats

You can find a lot of recipes regarding this kind of treats online and they are much easier to make. Since the owners are the makers of this treat, we can be sure that its ingredients are nothing but the best and the healthiest. Giving your cat a treat is really not that bad, just learn to control it and know when is the proper time to give it. it can be used as rewards after you have given them some pills, or help them train to act properly and even when you practice them develop a trick to perform it can be a good thing for them to lure. Just always remember to carefully sneak out to the ingredients to make sure you are giving them the healthiest ones.

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